Our Commercial Kitchen

We operate a commercial kitchen facility in north Seattle for our fellow artisan food producers and local community members.  We offer competitive hourly and monthly rates for the commercial kitchen, staff at your service and business development training.

To help you produce our kithcen is equipped with:

18 Feet of Stainless Steel Table Top Work Space
Freezer Space
20 Quart Hobart Mixer
6 Quart Kitchen Aid Mixer
Robo Coupe Food Processor
4 Rack Electric Oven
2- 20 Gallon Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles
10 Gallon Hobart Vertical Cutting Mixer (a 10 Gallon Blender)
Industrial Bottle Filling Machine
Industrial Bottle Labeling Machine

For More Information about our products or services please contact Pericles Tarsinos.

Four Seasons Gourmet Foods
10325 Aurora Ave N
Seattle 847 636 9879

Pericles Tarsinos – Owner

Comments or questions are welcome.

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26 Responses to Our Commercial Kitchen

  1. melinda sims says:

    hey there…i spoke to you today (feb 2nd) about renting space…ill probably need under the 32hours, just to start, and see how it goes from there..cheers, melinda

  2. Melisa says:


    I’m interested in renting some commercial kitchen space in order to sell my cupcakes at local farmers markets and to privately, small-owned bussiness’ here in town. Please let me know what your rates and your policies are. Also

    Thank You!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi Pericles,

    I am looking for information on commercial kitchen rental as well. I am in the early research and planning phase of starting a business selling brownies, cookies, and other pastries. Since this is starting as a hobby I hope to turn into a profitable business I expect to be starting at very low volume. The problem I’ve seen with most kitchens is even at a reasonable rate the minimum is much higher than I’ll need.

    As I said I’m still very much in the research and planning phase so I don’t expect actual production to start for quite a while. Trying to figure out what permits, licenses, labeling requirements, etc. is quite overwhelming. Am I correct in assuming that by renting commercial space that registration part is covered at least?

    • Pericles says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for showing interest in the kitchen. You’re in the best possible place for a start up food business. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind but for you the most important are three things: Sales and Marketing, Production, Finance.

      I will send you an email with the sample cost sheet that you can use to guide your new business into fiscal solvency.

      Keep in mind the following.

      i.e Your business costss 10 dollars to run a month. That is with salary insurance and production space and car gass all included. Of course there will be more but for now you get what I’m saying.

      Let’s say you make and sell 10 units every month.

      That means that you have a fixed cost of 1 dollar per unit.

      Let’s say that your ingredients and labor to produce your product cost 1 dollar per unit.

      That means that your total cost for the product is 2 dollars.

      If you’re selling each unit for 2.50 cents then you will have a profit at the end of the month of

      5.00. That is .50 x 10 units.

      I’ll send you that sheet here right now.

      Let me know what I can do to help you Rebecca.



  4. Summer Larsen says:


    could you please send me some pricing information on hourly rental use of your kitchen.

    Thank you,

    • Pericles says:

      Hi Summer,

      Thank you for showing interest in in using our facility. Is there a time this week when we could speak on the phone? Mornings and late afternoons are best for me.



  5. Mike says:

    I also am interested in your kitchen and hourly rates

  6. Mike says:

    I would like to look at your cost sheet

  7. Mad Mike says:

    I’m interested in preparing and bottling 3 BBQ sauces at your kitchen until I can get my own facilities in place. Can we arrange a tour?


  8. megan says:

    Hi Pericles:
    thanks for calling me today. I’m excited about starting up my cookie business and appreciate any startup business advice you can give. keeping the cost of my ingredients/packaging down is going to be key. Thanks for sending the link for getting health department certification, too. Also, any guidance for how to multiply my recipe 10x! the rest I will figure out as I go…thanks!

  9. I am interested in more information about your commercial kitchen. Could you please send cost information?

  10. leona says:

    Hi Pericles!
    It was great talking with you! I look forward to being part of your kitchen community. Thanks for all the info!


    • Pericles says:

      Hi Leona. It was lovely speaking with you as well. I just sent you the producer cost sheets, the kitchen drawing, the link to the WSDA, and the kitchen agreement. Keep at it Leona and it will come to be.


  11. Teri Branan says:

    I’m interested in turning my hobby into a legit business. I am a baker and have been supplying friends & family with gourmet cupcakes forever but would love to start selling more .Can you give me breakdown on the cost to rent your facility ? Is it by the hour or monthly ? As needed or scheduled usage time ?

  12. Jason says:

    Hi Pericles,

    It sounds like i’m in the same boat as a lot of other people who have contacted you. Could i get a copy of the excel sheet you mention? Also, any further information on renting the commercial kitchen would be greatly appreciated.



  13. Pericles says:

    Hi Ken,

    I am available for this type of work on a retainer fee for you. How serious are you about doing research into this business plan and can you afford to pay for experiential advice?



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  15. Teresa says:

    Hi, I’m interested in renting kitchen space with a friend to get all our holiday baking done at once. Can you tell me how you schedule & how much the fee would be?

  16. Pericles says:

    Hi Nannette,

    It was great speaking with you. Have a look at that cost sheet that I sent you and then we can speak about that. The one thing that people do not spend enough time on whether they are dodgy car salesmen business consultants like the SBA people are the numbers in hard form.

    Let me know what you think and let’s talk next week when you come to see the kitchen.



  17. Pericles says:

    Hi Eva. I’m excited for your new opportunity. Have a look at that costing sheet that I sent you Eva because your success and failure are in the numbers first and then your marketing and sales plan next which have to be as solid as your numbers.

    Even though the cost of your product and the cost to produce it is inexpensive you still need to sell it to places on a very periodic basis so that your fixed costs are small are marginal.

    Let me know if you get in touch with Marnie.