What does Four Seasons Gourmet Foods do?

Our company and products are unique because we’re cold pressing fresh fruit from small artisan farms in beautiful Washington state. ¬†We’re taking that nutrient rich juice from their raw fruit and making Fresh Fruit Vinegars, Pure Fruit Extracts, Cold Pressed Fruit Jellies, and Natural Fruit Syrups.

If you’re wondering what they taste like I want you to close your eyes for a calm moment and recall those fruit flavors from your mother’s or grandmothers homemade fruit products.

The Flavors of Washington’s fruit are crystal clear and clean. The Fresh Vinegars, Cold Pressed Jellies, and Natural Syrups are low in sugar in order to augment that bright flavor profile of our fruit, and made with the belief that food should be simple, healthy, and shared with people we love.

We are so excited about what we are doing.

We buy this fruit directly from local washington farmers and pay them the equitable prices that they deserve. We make natural fruit products from equitably paid for fruit that both financially benefit our community and equally give it outstanding cold pressed fruit products.

Join me in this culinary, financial, and social endeavor of our cottage industry produced cold pressed fruit products.

Believing in the ideas of abundance,


Owner Four Seasons Gourmet Foods

T: 847.636.9879

Raspberry Vinegar, Blueberry Vinegar, Raspberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, Raspberry Jelly, Blueberry Jelly, Apple Jelly, Raspberry Syrup, Blueberry Syrup, Apple Syrup.

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